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Swiss men's big prize of 760 million seresults for euromillions todayts the country's lottery prize record (photo)

"I appeal to the people with folded hands for cooperation. if people cooperate I'm confident that without lockdown we can control," he said, announcing that he has convened a meeting of experts and officials on Monday in the wake of the spurt in fresh cases in recent days.

Since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, the WHO has responded to the source of the virus many times. Michael Ryan, head of the WHO's health emergency project, previously stated that many scientists have studied the gene sequence of the new crown pneumonia virus and are convinced that the new crown pneumonia virus comes from nature. It is important to determine its host to learn more about how the virus connects between humans and animals and how to break the barriers to transmission between humans and animals. The purpose is to take necessary public health precautions to ensure that such situations do not occur again. .

Child marriage problem in India is serious. Can 5-year-old girls and 11-year-old boys get married?

It was discovered that after winning the lottery, it was almost crazy. The million-pound lottery ticket was once lying in the handbag for three months. The million-pound lottery ticket was once lying in the handbag for three months. One morning a few days ago, O'Brien had breakfast as usual, and then I found a document in my handbag and accidentally found a "EuroMillions" lottery ticket, then turned on the computer to verify it. She found out that she had won £1 million. She said: "I don't know how many times I checked the numbers at the time. I put my finger on the computer screen and checked the numbers one by one, and finally I was convinced that I really won the prize. "Later, she dialed the phone number on the back of the lottery ticket to confirm. Then, O'Brien was like a mad woman, jumping up and down in the room, bouncing back and forth, almost crazy. O'Brien, who had calmed down, didn’t even dare to think about how she wandered around in three months with a bag containing the £1 million winning lottery ticket. She said: “I’ll carry that handbag wherever I go, including work. Then I went for a drink, and I kept the winning ticket in my bag.” Asking for leave to accept the prize but not resigning. Laughing and happy life after winning. Laughing and happy life after winning. O'Brien found out that he had won a million pounds. After the award, she called her boss and asked for a vacation. When asking for leave, she said straightforwardly to the boss: "I would like to take leave if I can, because I won a million pounds." Such a reason for leave made O'Brien feel stunned, because the boss has never heard of it. Reason for leave. However, O'Brien said that she will not resign because she is worried that 1 million pounds will not be enough to spend, so she still needs to work to earn money, of course, will continue to buy lottery tickets, hoping to be patronized by Goddess of Luck again. O'Brien said that she is also one of those people who like to "daydream", sometimes tired of night shift life, and sometimes talk to colleagues about "what would you spend if you win a million?" topic.

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Quesada told reporters that his first task is to help his family. His wife Ines Sanchez told Bergen Records that Quesada called her on Monday afternoon, "I still can't believe it." "We never thought of it, but thank God. "